About us

Vegan and Conservative for the animals 

Animals are conscious, sentient beings. They have lives of their own, and they do not want themselves or their offspring to be killed. Every day, tens of billions of animals experience immense, fear, pain and suffering because of animal agriculture. This is a moral catastrophe. As Vegan Conservatives, we stand up for a more compassionate, green and healthy food system. 


Vegan and Conservative for the Planet

At the heart of Conservatism is a desire to conserve and protect our environment. Animal agriculture is responsible for approximately 14 percent of greenhouse gas emissions, and is a significant contributor to local environmental pollution, biodiversity loss and habitat destruction - an ecological crisis, and a risk to public health. Moving towards a plant-based food system is critical if we are to limit dangerous climate change, reverse environmental damage and provide sustainable habitats for wildlife.


Vegan and Conservative for Individual Rights

A core tenet of Conservatism is respect for the rights of individuals. No right is more important than to be treated as a being, with a life that has value, and not merely as a physical object, a body whose flesh or skin can be used for the gratification of others. We should treat other sentient, living beings as individuals, with respect and ethical consideration - not as mere objects. 


Vegan and Conservative for Society

There is no more urgent priority than preventing zoonotic disease outbreaks and anti-microbial resistance. Animal agriculture is a key driver of these threats to UK and global security. It is as significant to obesity as sugar and has been linked to heart disease, cancer and Type 2 diabetes. Moving to a plant-based food system will reduce disease and pandemic risk, lessen the prevalence of many diseases, reverse Britain’s obesity crisis, and improve food security and food sovereignty, while saving the NHS billions each year.


Vegan and Conservative as part of a proud British tradition 

Britain is a nation of animal-lovers, and the Conservative Party has long been a leader on animal protection. The modern vegan movement was born here in the UK and British businesses lead the world in plant-based food production. As Vegan Conservatives, we want to build on, and expand, this proud British tradition.